Take a Knee

April 1st/2021

Advice and lessons from our coaches.


Under Pressure

Pressure is a Privilege

Written by Darryl Williamson

Pressure is a privilege. I'd like you to say that back to yourself. Parents and players, pressure is not guaranteed. Pressure is earned. Pressure is a privilege. 

Over the past 12+ months, we've seen that traditional pressure, in youth sport at least, removed. There's been no championship Sundays. There's been no team tryouts. There's been no rivalry games on a Friday night. Let's be honest, to say it's been tough on players and coaches would be a gross understatement. 

So, what can we do as players? What can we do as parents and coaches? 


  • Find skills you've struggled with over your hockey career and strive for improvement 

  • Set goals

  • Write them down

  • Practice

  • Practice more


  • Lead by example

  • Encourage your daughters

  • Be positive

  • Embrace the growing pains

  • Celebrate the improvements

Yes, the pressure doesn't look the same. It doesn't feel the same. It's more mental than anything else. It's motivating yourself to try new things. It's encouraging players to live outside their comfort zone. 

Through this pandemic, we've been provided an opportunity. A chance to improve both on and off the ice. As a person and as a hockey player. As a person and as a coach.

Yes, practice isn't the most exciting thing you'll do. Yes it becomes repetitive. But repetition is what makes us. Author, Malcolm Gladwell, wrote about this in his book "Outliers". He called it the "Magic Number of Greatness". What is that magic number? Well, according to Mr. Gladwell, that number is 10,000 hours.  The meaning behind this is simple. To be great at something you must practice it for 10,000 hours. 

That goal of 10,000 may seem impossible. But every day we put it off, that milestone becomes more difficult to achieve. 

After great losses we as coaches and players always say "If I only had more time to prepare." Well through these strange times, we've been gifted that very thing. Time. What will you do with it?

Billy Jean King said "Pressure is a privilege - It only comes to those that earn it." Well, right now is earning time. To achieve that pressure we crave, we must work for it. Prepare for it. Be ready for it.